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Be Penetrated By All That You Fear


It’s so hard to be rejected, to wait for something to happen, to feel motivated, to take action.  There are areas of your life that you must look at.  What is worse than failing… worse, is regret.

I have no interest in ever being “fearless,“ for that is not what makes us great. What makes us great is having fear and doing it anyway…


Never lose touch with your fear. It is a very precious part of you. If you lose touch with your fear, you lose touch with excitement too, with your ability to experience awe and trembling and humility in the face of the Mystery. You lose touch with that near-unbearable, yet absolutely bearable, erotic thrill of being so close to the majesty and might and magic of creation, each moment of your life.

Forget fearlessness then! Fear is a portal to God, to victory over death. If you know how to fall…

Never lose touch with your anger. You will lose touch with your passion and creativity too, your ability to speak out and protect the vulnerable, your sex and your power to manifest.

Forget being anger-free. Anger is a portal of fire! If you know how to walk through…

Never lose touch with your sorrow. You will lose touch with your tender heart, and all other hearts. Sorrow keeps you close to the earth and to the body, close to the melancholic and fragile beauty of this world, close to compassion and sweet, cleansing tears.

Forget transcending your sadness. Forget the disgusting lie of “permanent bliss.”  Sadness is your portal to joy. If you know how to let it pull you through…

Surrender! Surrender to all of yourself, the divine and the muddy, the sacred and the ugly. It is the safest thing of all, to let yourself be filled with anger, fear, and sorrow, filled with life. To let these dear spiritual friends, rise and fall in you like ocean waves.

Be penetrated by all that you fear.
Surrender to all that you run from.

And come alive and ACT!!!!

Lisa Milillo

by Lisa Milillo

Senior Meisner Teacher at Baron Brown Studio

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