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Tag: Meisner

Why Actors Should Embrace Online Work

Photo Source: Photo by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels Article by Joanne Baron – originally written for Backstage. During this time of social distancing, everyone has faced uncharted territory in both their personal lives and work. Virtual is the new normal. We are all humbled and connected in this universal need

In Honor Of William Esper

William Esper William Esper passed away January 26, 2019. This legendary teacher was Joanne Baron’s greatest influence. His work lives on at his Studio in New York and the Baron Brown Studio in Santa Monica, California. Our thoughts and prayers and with Bill’s family and the Esper Studio. He will
Lisa Milillo

Be Penetrated By All That You Fear

ACTING IS HARD! It’s so hard to be rejected, to wait for something to happen, to feel motivated, to take action.  There are areas of your life that you must look at.  What is worse than failing… worse, is regret. I have no interest in ever being “fearless,“ for that

Why You Should Embrace Failure as a Positive

Article by Joanne Baron – originally written for Daily Actor. Accepting failure is one of the critical things that an actor must embrace in order to be successful. In fact, viewing failure as a negative is probably not the right perspective if one is going to be resilient and get back