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Classes – now offering online and in-person options.


6-Week Intensive

3 times a week

6 weeks

$800 – $850

This class is for the beginning or experienced actor. The work explores improvisational exercises and scene work to improve concentration and responsiveness through listening, responding, and activity work.


The Meisner Technique

2 times a week

month to month

$350 – $365

This class fosters the development of an actor’s deepest possible emotional connection and full spontaneity through a wide range of imaginative experiences, both improvisational and scripted.


On-Camera Audition Technique

1 time a week

Month to Month


This class develops techniques unique to the auditioning process, including working on-camera, cold reading and participating in mock audition exercises. Insights provided through interactions with visiting directors, producers, and casting directors. Admission Criteria: Evaluation by instructor and Admissions Manager.


Advanced Scene Study

1 time a week

Month to Month


This class focuses on working on a wide variety of scripts with the goal of stretching and expanding acting mastery. The actor will work on scenes and monologues chosen in collaboration with their teacher. Evaluation by instructor and Admissions Manager.




4-day Intensive

Offered Periodically


Taught by Joanne Baron, the Artistic Director of Baron Brown Studio, or co-owner D.W. Brown, at a state of the art, 100-seat theater in the Los Angeles area. The class addresses script analysis and character interpretation in-depth, facilitating the artist’s ability to create a fully realized performance by working on prepared scenes selected by the Artistic Director. Master Classes Include: Acting on Film Master Class, Monologue Master Class, Alumni Master Class, Stage Play Master Class 


Private Coaching

Audition Coaching

Meisner Technique

Rates Vary.

For auditions, roles, or on-set coaching. Virtual coaching is also available via online video conference to students unable to travel to the Los Angeles area. Inquire for details.

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Corporate Workshops

Effective Communication


Rates vary.

Many non-actors have benefited from our training to become more confident, articulate, personable, effective team players in their places of work. Inquire for details.

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Alexander Technique

Weekly Classes

Private Lessons

Rates vary.

Michael Frederick, Los Angeles’ premier Alexander teacher and Baron Brown Meisner Alum, teaches ongoing classes. The Alexander Technique offers a clear, systematic look into the underlying principles that govern human movement. Inquire for more details.

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Voice and Speech

Weekly Classes

Private Lessons

Rates vary.

Access the low breath, address back-of-the-tongue, throat and jaw tensions, and learn how to warm up your voice for acting classes and auditions with renowned Voice, Speech, Dialogue, and Dialect Coach Patricia Fletcher. Inquire for details.

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To qualify for admission, an applicant must:

1. Interview with the Director, the Artistic Director, or the Admissions Manager.

2. Submit a completed enrollment agreement together with the required payment.

The applicant will receive prompt notification of acceptance or rejection of admission. Programs start throughout the year and students should contact the Studio directly for the latest schedule.

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