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The Actions We Take Today Will Determine the Future of This Industry

Article by Joanne Baron – originally written for Backstage.  Right now, there is a feeling of openness in the air that’s giving people the courage to come out of the dark and share painful secrets of abuse they’ve suffered. The entertainment industry, political arena...anywhere sound can travel has seen people

9 Things Actors Should Avoid Doing in the New Year

Article by Joanne Baron – originally written for Backstage.  It’s common to make New Year’s resolutions, often focusing on things to cut out. So actors, what won’t you do in 2023 in order to help make the changes you need to succeed? Are you being too passive, focusing on the
Photo Source: Joan Marcus

4 Ways to Connect to a Character You Don’t Like

Photo Source: Joan Marcus Article by Joanne Baron & D.W. Brown – originally written for Backstage. There are times when even the best of actors working with solid material encounter a role to which they cannot connect. If you find yourself in a situation where you lack an intuitive feeling